Plenary Speakers

Dr. Agnieszka Wykowska
Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia, Italy

Social Cognition in Human-Robot Interaction

Prof. Fabio Babiloni
University of Rome Sapienza, Italy

Industrial Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience

Dr. Tim Mullen
Intheon, US
Prof. Marom Bikson
City College of New York, US

Neural Stimulation

Prof. Stephen Fairclough
Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Neuroadaptive Gaming as Distraction from Pain

Dr. Anne-Marie Brouwer
TNO, The Netherlands

NeurolabNL: Neuroergonomics in the classroom

Prof. Fabien Lotte
Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest, France

Theory of Brain-Computer-Interfaces

Prof. Stefen Debener
Oldenburg University, Germany

Mobile EEG technology: portable, motion-tolerant and transparent?

Dr. Elsa Kirchner
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany
Prof. Edmund Wascher
Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment & Human Factors, Germany
Prof. Stefanie Enriquez Geppert
University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Neuroscientific-inspired neurofeedback approaches for the enhancement of executive functions and increase of functioning in everyday life

Prof. Riccardo Poli
University of Essex, UK
Prof. Klaus Gramann
TU Berlin, Germany
Mobile Brain-Body Imagingfor Presence in Virtual Environments
Prof. Ranjana Mehta
Texas A&M University, US
Lorna Quandt
Gallaudet University, US

Sign language in virtual reality: learning, embodiment, and accessibility