Startup Showcase

Showcase your Neurotech Startup

Enter your Neurotechnology Startup in the NEC21’s Neurotechnology Startup Showcase and meet your future colleagues! Submitting your application is quick and simple at the link below.

Application submissions will be closed after 30 August 2021

Participation Criteria

All submissions will be considered for participation and contacted regarding their submission. Preference will be given to those that meet the following criteria:

  • Has been operating for less than five years
  • Has fewer than 50 employees
  • Is in the Neurotechnology or a related physiological technology sector


Selected startups will have the opportunity to present their vision at NEC21.

They will have five minutes to pitch their startup to a live audience at the Startup Showcase. They will also be provided a booth at NEC21 to communicate the mission and operations of their startup to the community of neuroergonomics researchers.
Link to more presentation details; see Posters/Mini-Talks.

An expert panel will evaluate the startups and prizes will be awarded for the Best Neurotech Startup, based on scientific bases, market plan, and innovation..