NEC21 will take place digitally in Gather Town.

This will allow participants to freely interact with one another, share research, and to attend talks.

You will require internet access and a browser. We recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome.

Talks will be held via Zoom, accessible via Gather Town.


Access to the conference venue is restricted to registered attendees only.  Please ensure that you are already registered.

You will be requested for your email when entering our venue. Please use the same email as per registration.

You will be emailed a six-digit security code that you will have to enter before access will be granted.


Help & Support

Gather Town (registration only)

Our Team are at the top of the participant list. We are also easy to find (yellow top hats). Select our names and click FOLLOW. It will take you to one of us automatically.


Discord Server (no registration required)

Our Team is monitoring the channel #nec21-help inside our public Discord server. We will answer your questions there as soon as possible.


Getting Around

Move Around: Use the keys ‘WASD’ for ‘up, left, down, right’ respectively

Find People: A participant list can be found in the bottom of the left panel. Right-click the name of the person you’re looking for and click “Locate“.

Interact with Objects: Use the key ‘x’ when near an object (e.g., poster) that lights up.

Video & Audio: Click on the video feed of other participants (top) to enlarge. You can also selectively turn off the video and
audio of others near you by clicking on their camera and microphone icons.

Private Areas: There are highlighted areas and rooms that enable private conversations to those who are within the designated area only

Conversation Bubbles: You can have a private conversation with someone by right-clicking on their avatar and “Start Bubble”.

Conference Events: The Calendar shows all conference events and their location. Select the event of interest and select ‘Teleport‘ or ‘Locate‘.