Conference registration will be officially opened on 1 August 2021​


Conference registration is required to attend NEC21 and will ensure that your email is on the guest list.
This registration is separate from the ConfTool registration for manuscript submission.


Registration Rates Early Registration
(before 1-Sep-2021)

Late Registration
(from 1-Sep-2021)

Academia 25€ 40€
Non-Academia 35€ 60€

A fee waiver is available for those whose institutions cannot cover their fee. To apply, please contact us at



For participant registration we use XingEvents. However, creating a Xing account is optional and not required.

We will use Gather for hosting the virtual conference. For this purpose, we will forward your name and email address to Gather to ensure that only registered participants are able to access the virtual conference.

All early registrants will receive an invitation email with instructions before 9-Sep-2021. Late registrants will receive their invitations as soon as possible and within 24 hours of registration.

If you have any problems with signing up for the conference or questions regarding the registration please contact us via email.