Social Events

Easter Egg Hunt (Sept 12-16, 2021)


Follow a trail of easter eggs in our digital conference venue and find a hidden treasure box. Email the solution to our secret email address for an NEC21 gift.

First clue: The Hogwarts Express is leaving soon, don’t miss out on the ride of your life.

Organizer: Hannah Kunde

Hogwarts Express

Neuroergonomics Bingo (Sept 14, 2021)

Join us at the bar ( after the fireside chats (7pm, Berlin time).

Listen in (or mute) John Butler (TU Dublin) and Lewis Chuang (LMU Munich; IfADo) catch up on old times, rattle off a bunch of Neuroergonomics jargon, and share dad jokes.

First person to cross out a line on their Bingo Card, wins a prize.

Link to download only one card for Game 1
Link to download only one card for Game 2

Date/Time: Sept 14, 21; 7pm to late (Berlin Time)

Organizer: John Butler

puppy from Wikimedia commons

Academic Matchmaking (Sept 15, 2021)

Drop by the NEC21 bar after the fireside chats (7pm, Berlin time). We will show a bunch of conversation prompts to help you break the ice with strangers whom you might be writing your next big paper with.

Or, just keep chatting with the person you meet and mute the moderator.

Date/Time: Sept 15, 21; 7pm to late (Berlin Time)

Moderator: Adrian Curtin


Dad Joke Competition (Sept 14 & 15, 2021; 7pm-late)

Do you have a dad joke to share?

Come up to the open mic at the NEC21 bar ( and share it with the room.

Most number of smileys or frownies stand a chance of winning exclusive NEC21 prizes.