Workshops and Tutorials Registration

Workshop Registration:

1.    You can find more information and a full list of all workshops and tutorials here.

2.    You can find the Xing registration mask below. Here, you can choose from two different main categories during the first step. There are 1-day and 2-day workshops. Select the respective category by selecting a ticket for it (drop-down menu to the right of the category title) and progress to the next step.

3.    Depending on the category choosen, you can select workshops from different days. You can find detailed workshop information by clicking on “Infos” right underneath each single workshop event.

  • 1-day workshops: choose up to one workshop for Saturday, Sept 11th, up to one workshop for Sunday, Sept 11th, and up to one workshop for Tuesday, Sept 14th.
  • 2-day workshops: choose up to one 2-day workshop for Saturday and Sunday, Sept 11th – 12th, and up to one workshop for Tuesday, Sept 14th.

4.    Select the workshop(s) by simply clicking on them. Now head to the next page.

5.    Before confirming your choice, your selected workshops will be presented to you once again.

Caveat: Most workshops are planned as full-day events (13:30-18:00hrs, CEST), so that you won’t be able to attend two workshops on the same day. Please refer to the detailed description of the individual workshops for the specific schedules.

You do not need to have a Xing account, you just need to enter your name, affiliation, and e-mail address. If you also enter a password, you will create a xing-account (if you don’t have one already) which is completely optional, though.

Please make sure to use the same mail-address to register for workshops that you used to sign up for the conference.

Xing Registration